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Rick Pach
Born and raised in the "exact geographical center" of Chicago, Rick's first fishing experience was with his father, Richard Sr. at the McKinley Park Lagoon on Chicago's Southwest side. He was quickly caught up in the exciting world of freshwater fishing. As a youth, Rick went on fishing excursions with his father and brother to Cook County Forest Preserve lakes such as Tampier Slough, Papoose Lake and Sag Quarry. In 1971 Rick's father joined the Bass & Gill Club in Plainfield, IL and weekly excursions to Plainfield for Bluegill, Carp, Crappie, Catfish, Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass became the norm in Rick's formative years. His father taught him how to cast artificial baits at an early age with a Baitcaster and he was hooked for life!
Rick has been been fishing Bass Tournaments for over 29 years at the Bass & Gill Club and for the past 3 years as part of the Prairie State Bassmasters, which is a sanctioned Federation Club.
Rick was named the 2006 Angler of the Year at the Bass & Gill Club and the Co Angler of the year in 2012 for the Prairie State Bassmasters. He won the Prairie State Bassmasters 2010 Classic at Lake Sarah and finished 3rd at the 2011 event at Lake Shelbyville and 3rd at the 2012 event at Lake of Egypt. He will be fishing the Federation 6 Man State Qualifying event at Clinton Lake this year as part of the Prairie State Bassmasters. Rick also has served as a Co-Lakes Chairman on the Board of Directors at the Bass & Gill Club for the past 7 years. His duties there include lakes management and tournament director to name a few.
Rick is a power fisherman, who enjoys fishing with jigs, soft plastics baits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and topwater baits. His versatility allows him to change presentations and fish effectively as seasonal patterns and conditions dictate. Although Rick likes to compete, he loves to talk fishing with fellow anglers!
Rick is extremely honored and excited to be working with Crabby Bass Lures as part of their Pro Staff! It's no secret that Crabby Bass Lures are his favorite soft plastic baits!! Hope to see you on the water this year!

Alan Coons
I am 25 years old and have lived in Alabama on Smith Lake my entire life. I started fishing before I was even old enough to hold a rod when my mother would take me to a neighbors pond and let me catch bream, bass and catfish and would have to help me land the fish. Ever since then I was "hooked". After a few years of that I moved to the "big water" of Lewis Smith Lake, a very deep, very clear man made impoundment. There I honed my bass fishing skills mostly pitching plastics and with a drop shot. In 2011 I started fishing every local tournament I could find, in 2012 I decided to take a step up and fish the FLW Bass Fishing League Bama division as a Co-angler, and later that year placed 29th in my first Bassmaster Open. This year I have fished many local tournaments and also tournaments with the Top Rod Solo Trail. My dream is to be able to fish as a full time pro. I am very excited to be working with Crabby Bass Lures and it's an honor to be part of their pro staff.

Tyler Cole
I have been fishing since before I was old enough to really understand what was taking place. When I was very young my dad would take me with him as he went to fish local tournaments on the weekend on my home lake of Lewis Smith. Knowing I would just play in the water while he fished was the whole reason he brought me along because he knew one day I would live and breathe this great sport and lifestyle for many of us. As I grew older I started fishing more and more local tournaments with my dad and when I got my driver's license I started fishing local tournaments during the summer. In October 2012 I fished my first Bassmaster Southern Open on my home lake and since then I have also competed in many local tournaments and the Top Rod Solo trail tournaments. I am thankful I get the opportunity to promote and represent Crabby Bass Lures and I am looking forward to a bright future ahead.

Jay Randall


Ever since I was a young boy I was fascinated with fishing. I remember seeing all the family pictures of my Dad and Grandpa with their catches of Salmon and Steelhead lined up on the lawn in front of my Grandpa’s house.  Another great inspiration in my early years was a camp counselor named Bob Mitchell.  Bob further educated my interest on how to catch fish. From there I was hooked.

I have been fishing for over 25 years and love to catch anything that will bite. I live in the Midwest in the Western suburbs of Chicago.  You can find me either on a river or a lake whether it be on a kayak or in my Bass Tracker or even on land. As long as my line is wet I am truly satisfied. I mainly target Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass but I always jump at the chance to catch a new species on my bucket list.

Traveling has broadened my fishing horizons on so many levels. I have met so many great people and hooked into some really nice fish. I love the adventure that comes with traveling to a new place having to rely on my research and instincts. I have made long lasting friendships in my travels and am look forward to meeting more people in the industry. I enjoy representing my sponsors at the outdoor expos and events and seeing what is new out there and meeting new people that also share the same love of the outdoors as myself.

Randy Newton

I am 36 years old and live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I started fishi8ng from my FeelFree Lure 11.5 kayak three years ago looking for bass, snakeheads, and Peacocks.  Ever since I caught my first 5lbs largemouth at a Heroes on the Water event.  I am marrided to my lovely wife, and we have 4 boys.  Who all are learing how to kayake fish like Dad.  In Septembeer of 2015 I started South Florida Kayak Bass Fishing.  It is the only Freshwater kayak fishing business in South Florida.  During that time I have come alongside of FeelFree Kayak US, Florida bass paddlers, Swivel Stix Anchors, and Crabby Bass Lures as a Prostaff team member.  This year the goal is to dcreate more anglers in the area, get the best products in their hangds.  Plan is also to be fishing in more tounraments throughout the year.  Very excited to be working with Crabby Bass Lures, and looking forward to what the team can do for the company.