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About Us

Chuck and I started Crabby Bass Lures in early 2012. We are two coworkers who quickly became friends once we learned we shared the same passion for fishing. Between the two of us, we have almost 60 years of fishing experience. CBL started out as a winter hobby to help us get through the cold and snowy winters in the Chicagoland area since neither of us ice fish. We made a few batches of various baits and posted the finished products on a few fishing forums to get opinions and advice from other fisherpeople. The posts we made were a huge hit. Folks started asking us if they can buy some of the lures. This sparked an idea and Crabby Bass Lures was born.
Chuck learned how to fish at his grandparentís house in a private lake community. He caught his first fish, a bluegill, at the age of 3 using a blue Ronco Pocket Fisherman. His passion for panfishing grew from there. Yearly trips to Canada taught him a lot about other species of fish. Chuck became a faithful bass fisherman only a few years ago. He has read numerous books and joined B.A.S.S. to gain further knowledge of bass. Now, Chuck spends most of his fishing time going after either largemouth bass in ponds and lakes or its cousin the smallmouth bass in local rivers. Every so often he gets the itch to go back to his roots and fish for the beloved bluegill.
I caught my first fish out of an area pond when I was 5 years old. I was using an old cane pole I got from my grandfather. Times were tough for me as a child. I used the cane pole from my grandpa until it broke. A neighbor showed my brother and I how to make our own "fishing pole" using an empty pop can and fishing line. My step-fatherís family had a summer home in central Wisconsin where we would go on vacation. I learned about different fish species and also different techniques from going there. I started getting deep into fishing after I met my father in-law. I joined North American Fishing Club to improve my talents and my passion for the sport grew. Currently I am chasing bronzebacks in local rivers and lakes. Chuck helped me catch my very first smallmouth, pictured above, in the summer of 2011. I am also an avid crappie angler.
Crabby Bass Lures has seasoned anglers who test our products prior to being released to the public. Chuck and I encourage customers to give us feedback on our products. CBL has progressed as a company to where we are now because of the feedback we have received. We will be adding new products to our line as our company grows. Thank you for your interest and support of Crabby Bass Lures!
Tight Lines,
Brad Wilkins